Resist the US war of aggression on Iran – APRN

By APRN | January 14, 2020

Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) strongly condemns the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Suleimani. General Suleimani was assassinated via US drone strike. The killing of Suleimani fueled another imperialist aggression of US in Western Asia.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi revealed on Sunday that Suleimani was on a peace mission to de-escalate the tension involving US and Saudi Arabia. Abdul-Mahdi’s expose completely belies the claims of US President Donald Trump that they took a “defensive action” and “intelligence-based assessment” versus further planned attacks of Iran. The Prime Minister added that Trump is aware of Soleimani’s diplomatic mission in Baghdad.

The Network also insists that the recent attack in Iran is a maneuver to divert public attention from his pending impeachment trial by the House. Donald Trump is currently facing impeachment complaint for the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Trump administration is desperately gathering support from monopoly capitalists, especially the military industrial complex amid of growing discontent among the American people due to continuing crisis, joblessness, and poverty that triggers growing discontent among the American people.

The APRN also supports the action of Iraqi Parliament to dismantle military bases of the United States in Iraq. The action will be served as justice for Iraqi people as they have been longing for self-determination and peace.

The APRN joins the Iranian people and with various organizations on condemning the act of terrorism perpetrated by the United States. The Network also calls for unity to stop the military aggression of US around the world. Donald Trump must be held accountable for committing war crimes against the humanity.

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