[PRT Video 1] People’s research and its role in people’s struggles

By APRN | February 01, 2024

Where does the idea of people’s research come from? For sure, it did not fall from the sky!

The idea of people’s research emerged from social practice, summarized and synthesized in theoretical knowledge, and again put into practice. This video discusses several concepts that contributed to the evolution of people’s research, ideas that have been culled from decades of experience.

As part of our 25th anniversary, the Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) proudly presents the People’s Research Training (PRT) Video Series. The year-long anniversary celebration is dedicated to our members and colleagues who work tirelessly in advancing research and campaigns for people’s rights and development. For 25 years, we achieved victories that would be impossible without strengthened ties among us and with the marginalized communities that we serve.

We look forward to a radical, genuinely sustainable, and pro-people social change in the years ahead!

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