People’s fightback on debt crisis and stagflation in Asia Pacific

By APRN | September 01, 2022

The Asia-Pacific is facing the worst economic crisis since the 1980’s: the debt crisis, stagnant economy, and high inflation in basic commodities. But this crisis generates resistance among the working people across the region, even in the face of fascist regimes.

We invite you to join the “People’s Fightback on Debt Crisis and Stagflation in Asia-Pacific” on September 9, 2022 via Zoom and other social media platforms.
3:00PM Lebanon | 5:00PM Karachi | 5:30PM India | 7:00PM Jakarta | 8:00PM Manila

Register here: and join our discussion on the predicament faced by the people of Pakistan, the Philippines, and other parts of Asia-Pacific nations.

Co-organizer: People Over Profit, Asia Pacific Research Network, Reality of Aid – Asia Pacific, International League of People’s Struggle.

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