Free Ashraf Aram! Free all political prisoners in Palestine! – APRN

By APRN | November 21, 2019

Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) strongly condemns the arbitrary arrest of Ashraf Abu Aram by the Israeli authorities on November 7th at Al Karama border crossing.

Mr. Aram, 32, a human rights defender and advocacy officer of Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO), was brutally arrested and detained upon his return from the APRN training of trainers on advocacy and engagement in Bangkok. The training was organized by APRN to develop its members and partners in conducting policy advocacy at the national and international level.

According to PNGO, witnesses reported that he was brought to a unknown facility for days without any contact from family or a lawyer. A week later, he was transferred under “administrative detention for four months”. Administrative detention is a procedure where a person can be held with no charge or trial on a specific term subject for review but can continued indefinitely. without any charges by the authorities in violation of his rights under international laws. APRN condemns this practice as flagrant violation of human rights and international laws.

The APRN also denounces the Israeli authorities for skewing its legal system to legitimize warrantless arrest. The series of “administrative detention” against advocates and defenders is related to the existing Unlawful Combatant Law (UCL) imposed by Israel against Palestine. The UCL was enacted in 2002 to provide security measures against the threat of Hezbollah group. The law described the “unlawful combatant” as “a person who has participated either directly or indirectly in hostile acts against the State of Israel, or is a member of a force perpetrating hostile acts against the State of Israel.” Since the conclusion of the Israeli-Lebanese War in 2006, series of warrantless arrest in Gaza Strip and West Bank have been pursued through the implementation of UCL

PNGO also reported, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) has arrested more than 800,000 Palestinians, or 20% of the current population of Palestinian territories since 1967. It continues to rise in the second intifada in September 2000. By 2017, 449 Palestinians were held without charges or trial; 9 of them are members of legislative council. The UCL doesn’t guarantee protection of prisoners under administrative detention. Judicial reviews are conducted less often and the accused are deprived of the right to public trial.

The Zionist occupation in Palestine with the aid of United States had only resulted with rampant human rights violation, genocide, and crimes against humanity. The extended military support from the United States caused to flood more bombs in the streets of Palestine. Israel regime had received US$ 30 billion military aid from 2009 until 2018. Since 2012, the US has sent US$276 million worth of weapons and munition; in 2014. As a result, thousands of homes, commercial complex have been destroyed during the Operation Protective Edge. Israeli forces killed more than 2,175 and wounded 10,895 on its 50-day campaign. More than 500,000 left homeless and refugee.

Further, excessive use of police powers by Israeli regime intensifies the suppression against human rights defenders and the Palestinian people. The unprecedented spate of attacks manifests the defiance of Israel on UN Declaration of Human Rights, Geneva Convention, and other existing international treaties aiming to protect the hors de combat versus abuse of state police.

Amidst the reign of fascism by the evils of imperialism and Zionist aggression, resistance of Palestinian people continues through growing discontent and humanitarian crisis. The resistance displays the defiance and determination of people to establish sovereignty of Palestine territory. APRN firmly believes that only through unity and struggle would be able to dismantle the Zionist regime that systematized impunity, warrantless arrest, and suppression to Palestinian people.

The APRN calls for unity to free Ashram Aram and all political prisoners in Palestine. The Network also urged the people to unite and condemn the unceasing attacks and atrocities of Israel against Palestinian people.


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