[DAY 3] Research conference highlights

By APRN | January 27, 2021

To open the third day of the APRN Research Conference 2021, Peter Murphy from WORKINS elaborated today’s theme on National Industrialization and Monetary and Fiscal Policy.

Murphy highlighted the concept of economic sovereignty on the perspective of the assertion of democratic power against the dominant global corporate power. He discussed that these entities prohibited peoples to choose their own development and instead forced them to follow capitalist globalization that did not allow developing countries to apply their human and natural resources for the people.

Cham Perez of the Center for Women’s Resources, presents her organization’s research entitled: “Women’s Stake in National Development: Challenges and Way Forward” wherein she gave an overview of the current state of the Philippine economy and discussed the struggles of women and the role of women’s movements in the country’s development process.

Shoko Uchida, from the Pacific-Asia Resource Center, discussed WTO policies and FTAs as well as their implications. She also added additional perspectives on Japan’s foreign policies and local provisions, and proposed alternatives on these dangerous provisions.

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